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Diving and Tours For Your Vacation

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Diving and Tours For Your Vacation Diving and Tours For Your Vacation

The fact that many thousands of travelers are ready to confirm fanatics diving: diving - the "sit down" the kind of leisure. People make the first few dives, and even would not consider buying a mask, fins, and wetsuit, you can count on one hand. Still would! Bright, with nothing comparable, and always a little adrenaline thrill of underwater walks will not leave anyone indifferent.

But enough of the lyrics. Today I will talk about the dangers of diving (real and imaginary), how to make life easier for beginners, training opportunities, geography, diving and, of course, health and insurance.

Diving. The dangers - real and imaginary

Fear of the first dive often becomes the main drag torque hindering the tourists to join a new kind of outdoor activities. However, to call the diving, especially recreational, extreme sport can only be for advertising purposes. In diving, as in skiing, have their own levels of complexity and serious dangers for beginners are practical no - no one is putting skiers neophyte, confusing bracket with Telemark, directly on the "black" route. Of course, the person to whom the first time put on a wetsuit and experience the excitement - and some more! But if you dive with modern equipment and pay attention to the briefing, this excitement will remain just a nice surge of hormones before diving into the unknown. This "extreme" - greater depths, tangible flow, night diving, ice diving, and caving - a lot of experienced divers

Diving Tour Solutions

For starters, the same - the shallow water, the water temperature comfortable and the lack of strong currents. The only thing they have to fear - close contact with poisonous creatures or plants. At the briefing before the dive will certainly include a separate item that can not be anything under the water grabbing hands, not only for reasons of safety of the diver but also in order not to cause any harm to the underwater flora and fauna. In fact - if each diver in the Red Sea coral touch one, touch a couple of years there will be nothing.

diving and rest

Diving. Simple solutions

To plunge into the underwater world with a head, of course, you must pass at least minimal training. But to get an idea of ​​what it is, it can be much easier. Dive into the underwater reality without a course called "intro dive" (literally - "introductory dive"). The novice traveler will show the film in teaching diving center, read the instructions, dressed in a suit, will try to dive into the pool and, finally, conduct (perhaps even the hand) on simple routes. The whole procedure takes about three hours and costs about 50 USD. After such a trial dive, few who refuse to further explore the wonders of the underwater world, and upon arrival home is recorded to the nearest club. And some even become inveterate "instant divers."

Diving beginner secrets

For the "amateur" Diving on holiday does not have to have your own equipment: tanks, regulator, buoyancy compensator, compass - all that stuff can be rented in any diving center. There you will pick up a suit, mask, and fins size. Experienced divers (again - a clear parallel with the skiing), as a rule, always carry with them their equipment, selected according to individual preferences (of course, with the exception of cylinders - they rented on the spot).

Diving. Features diving tourism

Those who passed the stage of "instant divers" and at least initial training course, offered "Daley diving" ("daily diving" in translation from English). Typically, a package of 10 dives: 5 days, two dives per day, morning and evening. Of course, anything is possible: different number of days or dives, diving from shore or from a vessel, etc. The more dives in the package, the lower the cost of each individual: in bulk is always cheaper! As in a package, and also to it can be special, "excursion" dives: a specific shipwreck ("rack"), immersion in an interesting, but far from the diving center location (certain places or points of diving called "dive - Site "), a trip to the point of immersion camel / jeep and so on. In diving centers in each country - its "highlight".

About "dive safari" is to tell apart. Ordering this package, one is not seasick diver will be able to specially equipped dive boat (of course, not the yacht diving and diving - with its side) access to the most interesting places on the high seas. Experienced guides know where and when you can see sharks and rays, which come shoals of fish that eats lunch octopus, as well as many other underwater secrets. Safari - a long experience, which usually lasts from one week to two, depending on the route. An important point: picking on him a group of strangers to each other people, do not forget to specify the level of each: the beginner is difficult to keep up with the advanced divers, and professionals can quickly get bored with "tend" has recently reversed diver.

Diving. Geography Diving

Dive can be almost anywhere, from the Norwegian fjords to the Australian Great Barrier Reef. The question is, what exactly is waiting for people from diving. "Rack"? Extreme? Unearthly landscapes, caves, and grottoes? Or just swarms nimble fish of all colors in the coastal reefs? 

Diving Geography

Every "diving" direction has a submarine "chip", has its own unique biosphere, and talk about each can be long. A few current examples: the availability of interesting dive sites makes the coast of Egypt and Malta, ideal for beginners. At the same time, the bright life of the Red Sea and the amazing underwater landscapes of Malta will be interesting and sophisticated divers, but, already at a different level. In the Maldives, you can watch the giant manta ray, "hovering" in the water column, among other fish. In the Cuban archipelago "Queens Gardens" - a swim in an embrace with the whale sharks (the creation of a kind-hearted, without teeth in the usual sense of the word, and not able to close the mouth). In the coastal waters of the Galapagos Islands - the famous touch turtles, on the Black Sea - personally trace the history of naval battles ... generally recognized "underwater paradise" is considered to Micronesia. Dive sites even one coast may give a completely different impression, and a three-day immersion in one of the islands of Malaysia may well seem to someone more interesting than the weekly "dive safari" in Thailand.

diving Tours and exursions

It is important to take into account the seasonality of diving: in different countries at different periods of the year the water "blooms" that inevitably affects the visibility (and this is very important). In addition, divers are as fish migration, the wind and, accordingly, the flow (not to mention the weather in general), so you must always specify a time frame most prosperous seasons, the partners and to warn clients about the possible complications of diving at another time.

In conclusion, I want to say the following: whether the customer chooses himself a diving trip or is it that you told him this idea - in the end, it does not matter. It is in any case, he will visit a completely different world and come back with unforgettable impressions. And to make it easier to tell their visitors about diving and, accordingly, to sell it, the best - try to dive yourself!

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