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How to Rent a Car in Montenegro

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How to Rent a Car in Montenegro How to Rent a Car in Montenegro

Upon arrival to the Balkans, in addition to the rental car, tourists are often interested in its terms and conditions. That is, what rights and what documents are necessary to rent a car in Montenegro and enjoy your vacation, traveling by car, taken in rent on vacation. 

Most tourists come to Montenegro flights by aircraft because it is the most convenient, fastest and popular way to travel from our place in Europe. First, it is quick and comfortable, and secondly, cheap. Especially if you can find the air travel to Montenegro practical, low-cost airlines. Often, at various online resources and websites a lot of conflicting information on how to rent a car in Montenegro.

To clarify information on the lease we explain exactly what you need:

  • Your age must be at least 22 years, and the driver's experience not less than two years.
  • Your right to drive a car in any country, the main thing that the rights were valid.
  • A passport, although this is understandable, because, without it, you would not have got outside.
  • Desirable credit card payment for the car rental. Although it's possible to pay, and Cache.

For those who like to take a car to rent in the country the right news is it does not require an international driving license in Montenegro. Car rental can be made, and the rights of your country. You just need to pay a deposit of 10% of the car rental charges.

What insurance needed when renting, to avoid trouble?

To protect yourself from unpleasant surprises in the form of a refusal to pay for damage to the insurance agent (if you do not, God forbid, damaged car, which rented), standard insurance does not fit. That is, the average car Insurance necessarily included when the rental payment machines in service. Such insurance may not cover breakages and damage to the vehicle interior, windows, wheels and underbody damage. So when renting a car in Montenegro need to take SUPER Car insurance option MOD. It though costs about 3-7 euros per day, but will insure and will pay for almost all incidents of accidents and accident leased cars. If you are involved in an accident, do not forget to issue a protocol from the police, it is important for the payment of insurance.

Where better to rent a car in Montenegro?

Possibility to rent a car in Montenegro is more than enough. Starting from the search and selection services, you can be sure to find the best car for rent you needs. That's why hire and car rental online to wildly overgrown in the resorts of Montenegro firms rental and car hire for tourists. The most popular of them is MyRentaCar, MneAuto.Ru, Aduit Renta Car. There is also and international rental companies such as famous Hertz Rental Car. For example, in the resort area of Kotor top car rental company, this Kotor Rent a Car.

Take cars for rent in Montenegro quickly and easily you can on our website. We work in partnership with MyRentaCar, in which can be beneficial, without any hidden fees, commissions and extra charges to choose rent a rental car on vacation. The firm selected by us, because it has a longstanding reputation, the lowest price with high quality of service and responsiveness. It has repeatedly been tested and our tourists, who took car rental in MyRentaCar and us when we flew to Montenegro to rest. Comparative Example - a pledge on the leased vehicle is a total of 150 - 200 Euro, which is five times lower than that of similar companies in car rental in Montenegro.

Do I need to pre-book a rental car? What is the benefit, if any?

If we take into account the money, it is usually a big difference between a rental car in advance and directly on his arrival there. But regarding convenience and safety of nerves and time you, as a tourist, you win in many ways. No need to worry, call back, search for the address of the company and save time and strength, and then select the remainder of the two clunkers, as others have already sorted out the more experienced and nimble tourists. Auto advance to rent in Montenegro will adjust and park in advance you agreed and ordered time and place. You will only take the car keys from the agent, to start and go where planned. Similarly, things and pick-up point, let the agent and leave it where it will be convenient.

Another significant advantage when renting this way - it's openness and transparency. You visually and in real-time will know how much you have to pay it, how much money you keep with the car hire and for what services. Also, it suitable, when it is possible to order additional services and options based on the monitoring costs. It can be and Green Card registration, if for example, you want to tour not only for Montenegro but also in the neighboring resorts and picturesque corners of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, and Serbia.

Due to the optimal selection of cars in the company MyRentaCar, you book the car, which chose the site, seeing it visually, just know its characteristics and parameters of the engine, the color, and other features. It is much better and more convenient than the choice of machines on the Internet have the bulk of the company's competitors MyRentaCar, which usually can only choose class cars, and sometimes his mark.

Terms and car rental rates.

Look at the choice of the best options for car rental to tourists. Here you can find almost any car that you most want on holiday and holiday in Montenegro.

What kind of car is best to rent in Montenegro? Travel tips on how to avoid problems.

Since Montenegro's mountainous terrain, the roads here are very complex, serpentine, turns over precipices are not uncommon in the automobile road. Therefore, in our experience, you need to rent a car and take a powerful and at the same time overall that it was mobile and maneuverable.

Another nuance for motorists - in Montenegro and gasoline often body that local "Petrol kings", so gasoline quality are not very good. Try to take the machines that fuel quality unpretentious and practical. Especially, it is very useful, if you do not know where the path will fall dressing with high-quality fuel. Remember that car returning to Montenegro after the lease, and the tank should be the same amount of petrol as it was when renting in order not to pay the penalty. With the traffic rules strictly in Montenegro, so do not break the parking rules. Fines in Montenegro are high, and a tow truck will have to pay in Euros, and expensive.


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